You can download all Microsoft Retail/OEM products images from the below free direct download links from Digttal River.

Since this is an official download channel, you can be sure to receive setup files that are virus-free, secure, legitimate and untouched. 

 32bit and 64bit Windows 10 Home/Professional All Languages in One Media Creation Tool (It's retail OEM version, not preview one):

 32bit and 64bit Windows 10 Enterprise Officially Released Version (It's retail OEM version, not preview one)

English 32bit

English 64bit

German 32bit

German 64bit

French 32bit

French 64bit

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Q:How can I burn ISO file to DVD or Flash Drive ? 
A:We recommend UltraISO tool.

Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 -  ISO

English x86: X17-59463.iso
English x64: X17-59465.iso

Dutch x86:
Dutch x64: 

French x86: X17-59477.iso
French x64: X17-59479.iso

German x86: 
German x64:  

Windows 7 Professional SP1 - ISO

English x86: X17-59183.iso
English x64: X17-59186.iso

Dutch x86: X17-59233.iso
Dutch x64: X17-59236.iso

French x86: X17-59195.iso
French x64: X17-59197.iso

German x86: X17-59886.iso
German x64: X17-59885.iso

Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 - ISO

English x86: X17-58996.iso
English x64: X17-58997.iso

Dutch x86:
Dutch x64: 

French x86: X17-59007.iso
French x64: X17-59009.iso

Spanish x86: X17-58857.iso
Spanish x64: X17-58859.iso

Office 2010 Standard SP1

English x86: X17-75575.exe
English x64: X17-75612.exe

Dutch x86: X17-75574.exe 
Dutch x64: X17-75611.exe 

French x86: X17-75578.exe 
French x64: X17-75615.exe

German x86: X17-75579.exe
German x64: X17-75616.exe

Office 2010 Professional SP1 x86 + x64 - ISO

English: X17-81917.iso
Dutch: X17-81916.iso 
French: X17-81920.iso
German: X17-81921.iso  

Office 2010 Professional Plus SP1 x86 + x64 - ISO

English X64 :
English X86 : 
Dutch:  X17-81950.iso
French: X17-81953.iso 
German: X17-81954.iso

Office 2013 Professional Plus

English x86: X18-65189.iso
English x64: X18-65700.iso

Dutch x86: X18-65188.iso
Dutch x64: X18-65699.iso

French x86: X18-65192.iso
French x64: X18-65703.iso

German x86: X18-65193.iso
German x64: X18-65704.iso

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English x86 and x64: 6962141.iso
Dutch x86 and x64: 6966589.iso
French x86 and x64:  6967915.iso
German x86 and x64: 6971454.iso

Language Pack for Office 2016 / Office 365

Office 2013 Home and Business for Mac

English: HomeBusinessRetail.img
Dutch: HomeBusinessRetail.img
French: HomeBusinessRetail.img
German: HomeBusinessRetail.img