Korean NCSoft annouced recently the Lineage 3/Lineage III/Lineage Eternal is scheduled to be launched in early 2016. Lineage Eternal is another next-gen MMORPG from NCsoft and is in a new style. Set in the same fantasy setting as the previous two Lineage games, Lineage Eternal has made a breakthrough in terms of development technology and battle performance.

knight in lineage eternal

But Some players think Lineage Eternal is similar to Diablo 3 in gameplay style. In fact if just judging from one trailer, the two are very much like truly in view and attacking ways, but Lineage Eternal give more chance for players to interact. As a MMORPG, Lineage Eternal this time mainly displays RPG content, and more MMO content will be added to increase interaction among players in the near future. For example, only maximum four players can team up in Diablo 3, while 20 or more players can team up in Lineage Eternal.Moreover, in character growth, Diablo 3 only focus on roll gear upgrade, but Lineage Eternal pursuit the team work and how much contribution a player can give for the team, inheriting features like clan and siege warfare of its pre-works.

Dynamic dungeon in Lineage Eternal can be used to create unlimited combinations, just like Lego blocks, the more Number & Kind is, the more forms will be. We’ll consider the demands from players and put more “Lego blocks” into this game and create more combinations for them to experience. In addition, Lineage Eternal allows multiple players to download a same dungeon, but the map, monsters, quests and event of which will be random allocated.