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SensiGuard Full Version Product Key / License for 1 PC

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Quick Overview

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  • Advanced Encryption

  • Instant File/Folder Locking

  • Home/Office PC Security

  • Laptop Protection

  • Identity Fraud Prevention

  • Flash Drive Safety


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SensiGuard Features and Benefits

Locking sensitive files and folders has never been so simple!
You can relax knowing your sensitive data is safe. And, with our industry-exclusive no-hassle money back guarantee, you know your investment is safe too.

  • Advanced Encryption Protection

    SensiGuard utilizes 256-bit AES encryption, which means you stay in control of your data—only YOU will be able to access YOUR encrypted files and folders.

  • Instant File or Folder Locking

    Safety shouldn’t be hard. SensiGuard encryption software provides easy to use, yet solid protection. Click on any file or folder and SensiGuard will encrypt it automatically.

  • Permanent File Deletion

    Did you know that Windows doesn’t physically remove deleted files from your hard disk? SensiGuard’s exclusive file shredder permanently erases files so that they can never be recovered.

  • File Compression

    Reduce clutter and save space by compressing you files. SensiGuard automatically compresses your encrypted files freeing up disk space and giving you room to manoeuvre.

  • Identity Theft Prevention

    Your personal information encrypted with SensiGuard is under lock—and only YOU have the key. No matter who gets their hands on your PC, they won’t be able to steal your files or your identity.

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