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Tuneup Utilities 2013, Genuine License / Product Key for 3 Users

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TuneUp Utilities -- Version 2013 -- Get Your PC in Top Shape!

More than just Windows optimization: real PC tuning.
What is TuneUp Utilities 2013?

The new TuneUp Utilities helps you get the most out of your PC. That's because the highly successful tuning suite doesn't just optimize Windows, it also provides peak performance for games and programs. And with more than 30 intuitive tools, users can be sure of:

    Increased performance and top speed
  • Solutions to a large number of PCs
  • Greater system reliability
  • Optimal maintenance
  • Recovered disk space
  • A fresh-looking Windows interface


With this wide range of TuneUp Utilities functions, the user is assured of complete, safe control over their PC and tweaking a technically complex system becomes a breeze.

TuneUp Program Deactivator plus rating function for programs.
TuneUp Program Deactivator plus rating function for programs. .

TuneUp Utilities -- Version 2013 -- all new!

NEW! TuneUp Program Deactivator with TuneUp Programs-on-Demand Technology

Windows runs as fresh as it did on the very first day!

For the first time ever, you can turn off programs completely and drastically reduce the load on your PC: The services, startup entries, background processes, or scheduled tasks in a program that are turned off will remain inactive until you need them again. This way you avoid the loss in performance that is always a danger after many programs are installed. One recommendation for a speedy Windows: Uninstall programs you no longer want to use just as you did before, and use TuneUp Program Deactivator to turn off that software you use only rarely, until you need it again.

NEW! Rating Function for programs

The experiences of countless TuneUp Utilities users help you make the best tuning decisions.

We have revamped Turbo Mode to make it now turn off over 70 functions in Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and third-party vendor programs that are not used on a daily basis.

  • Generates maximum performance for programs and Windows
  • Makes programs run faster
  • Concentrates processor and memory on those programs the user is actively working with
  • Games flow smoother thanks to increased frames per second (FPS)
TuneUp Turbo-Mode
TuneUp Turbo-Mode. .
MORE POWERFUL! TuneUp Turbo-Mode

Turbo Mode, 10 times more powerful than before, brings your PC to maximum speed for your work and games.

With a single mouse-click, shut down over 70 background processes that slow down Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista--as compared to only 7 before! By pressing a button, you get an immediate boost of power when working at your PC, a smoother gameplay, and complete control over background activities that slow down your computer.

TuneUp Tuning Status
TuneUp Tuning Status .
TuneUp Start Center
TuneUp Start Center .
NEW! Tuning Status

Know instantly how well you've optimized your PC.

Shows at a glance how well TuneUp Utilities has already optimized a PC and what potential still exists for tuning up programs and Windows.

  • Pinpoints precious performance potential that's being wasted, like unnecessary startup entries that bog down your computer
  • Recognizes both completed and incomplete optimization processes
CLEANER! Start Center
Overview of All Functions pane
TuneUp "Overview of all functions" pane. .

TuneUp Utilities is easier to use than ever.

The clearly arranged Start Center immediately shows the user which optimization steps are ready to be performed and if problems exist with the PC, with Windows or with third-party vendor programs. Tuning functions are divided up into 5 modules, and you'll find the one you're looking for in a flash. Most optimizations can be launched at the click of a mouse to give you the performance boost or problem fix you're looking for.

NEW! "Overview of all functions" pane

All power features in one window.

Made for true Windows experts: The new "Overview of all functions" view on the Start Center gives you instant access to all TuneUp Utilities features and settings--32 in total! So your favorite feature is always right at hand when you need it.

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